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Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC is a full-service contractor that has been building for clients in the public and private sectors since its inception in 1926. We offer a comprehensive range of project development and construction services to clients across industries and for a full spectrum of project types.

An important distinction between Atkinson and other firms is our knowledge of, and experience in, the construction of highly-engineered and complex heavy civil projects. We have built more than 50 major bridges since 1946; more than 80 of the world's largest dams; excavated some of the country's most complex mine shafts; and have constructed or expanded some of the most-traveled roadways within the western United States.


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An engineer provides the administrative and technical services that relate to many of the items that will ensure the successful completion of a project. These include scheduling, cost accounting, financial reporting, material procurement, subcontract coordination, and general project administration. In certain instances, an engineer may have responsibility for a particular section, temporary design, construction engineering, subcontractors, or other facets of a project.


General Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • actively pursue and engage in safety training to learn and embrace the Atkinson safety culture
  • participate in the TRACK process attend daily / weekly meetings and field inspections to reinforce that all levels of the company engage with our safety culture
  • speak up and listen up ~ ask open ended questions and be willing to learn from others
  • initiate and maintain good, strong working relationships with Atkinson's craft personnel, field inspectors, subcontractor's representatives, vendors, home office support, the project management team, the community, etc.
  • stay ahead of the crew's needs and making sure they are efficient in their work
  • understand deadlines and material procurement lead times to be able to prioritize daily tasks
  • provide prompt, accurate information, notices and requests to agencies, subcontractors, vendors, etc.
  • communicate clearly and concisely in a grammatically correct and unbiased manner
  • investigate issues, ask thoughtful questions, gathering input and proposing solutions
  • beat the estimated budget
  • do what is necessary to allow subcontractors and vendors successful
  • pursue self development outside of assigned responsibilities
  • produce safe, efficient construction engineering products
  • track and update quantities timely to ensure accurate and current budgets, forecasts and reporting
  • perform thorough invoice reviews and pay subcontractors and vendors timely
  • gather and prepare supporting documentation for change orders and requisitions



  • Undergraduate degree in engineering, construction management or related discipline
  • High degree of initiative, independence, personal responsibility and integrity
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work in a fast paced team environment


Atkinson Construction is committed to fostering a diverse and respectful workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.


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